The chaos with the tokens or coins

First, it is important to distinguish between tokens and coins. Or not. This is exactly the confusion that prevails in the market. Because there is actually no distinction between coins and tokens. And then yes.

Target 1

We have launched H2HTokens (Utility Tokens) on the internal market (on Polygon) to make them available to our users so that they can “reward the advice of the other user” - internally called H2HCoach. Details:
  • The first 100,000 users will receive 100 tokens at the start. These are utility tokens and are intended for users to get individual advice. Users use the H2HToken to pay for advice from an H2H coach within the system.
  • The 100 tokens received at the start must be spent within 30 days. Otherwise they expire.
  • Users pay the H2HCoach per minute. One minute costs 1 H2HToken.
  • Users can also take H2HTokens. This is only possible if users make their experiences available to other users. This is how you take H2HToken.
  • Chat H2H receives some kind of fees - 20% of transactions go to ChatH2H.
  • Users are allowed to buy tokens at ChatH2H. The price to start is: 2.50 per 1 token. The currency, depends on the country in which the user lives.

These guidelines apply until the network reaches 100,000 active users. Active means that all 100,000 users have current, published ads.

Until this point, H2HTokens may not be sold. We have introduced this restriction so that these tokens are not traded but are used internally. For us it's about people supporting each other.

Further development

Whether H2HToken or H2HCoins – whether and how we will position ourselves or develop further, depends on many factors.
How and by what factors coins can be influenced is a science in itself. This article is interesting, among other things: https://www.moneyland.ch/de/kryptowaehrungen-Kurse-preise-Factors.
Give us a little more time for this, because only time and facts will determine both the value of the coins and our further development.

You too can become a user at ChatH2H and help determine its development. This puts you in the front row to hear what’s going on.