Everyone desires positive experiences and aims to avoid negative ones, serving as our primary motivators. This is particularly evident in crisis situations, where the emphasis on avoiding negativity becomes paramount. Individuals vary in their motivations, and classical theories identify three major drivers: power, achievement, and social motives. Sigmund Freud emphasized the significance of work and love, but these motivations are encapsulated in the broader categories of power, achievement, and social drives. Examples of these innate drives include doing good, enduring challenges for others, and being present—a universal aspect of human nature.
ChatH2H contributes to the enhancement of overall well-being
facilitating improved blood circulation in the muscles and a heightened sense of liveliness and joy. Think of it as a power source for your cells. Within each cell, there are numerous mitochondria, particularly abundant in muscles and the brain. These mitochondria play a crucial role in supplying the body with energy. Even medical professionals now recognize the substantial impact of mental well-being on physical health. Personal experiences affirm this connection – moments of joy are accompanied by a surge of energy, while burdens and stress tend to deplete our energy reserves. ChatH2H acts as a catalyst, promoting not only physical vitality but also mental well-being for a more balanced and energized life.
With H2H every user increases self-efficacy
Engaging with H2H empowers each user to boost their self-efficacy, a result of various interacting factors. These factors play a crucial role in determining our energy levels. The unity of body and mind significantly influences our emotional well-being. The quality of our connections with others, feeling comfortable in our surroundings, offering empathy to our souls without overexertion, and incorporating regular physical activity collectively contribute to an improved sense of well-being. Mutual support further enhances our energy levels, enabling us to view setbacks as challenges and share both joys and sorrows. Recognizing that we can’t navigate life’s journey alone, at least in my experience, underscores the importance of collaborative efforts. I’m Margit Marie Schreier, and I find immense joy in inviting you to join H2H, where your participation can contribute to making your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. The categories mentioned are just examples, encouraging you to channel your assistance and concerns into specific areas that resonate with you.
It may happen that someone will try to extort money from you. If this happens, stop the chat.
at home
  • I work from home, which makes me constantly think about work?
  • How to organise living space?
  • My flat is cluttered and I can't find the things I need
  • How to furnish/paint/organise a home to make it comfortable?
  • How to manage investments?
  • How to plan a household budget?
  • I am constantly short of money
  • I am concerned about the risks involved in investing and I am not sure what risks are acceptable to me.
bad luck & mishaps
  • I have the feeling that bad luck is haunting me
  • Am I the only one who sees bad signs everywhere?
  • A lot of bad things have happened to me recently and I'm very tired of it
  • How do I cope with new bad luck when the effects of the previous one are still affecting me?
  • I am pregnant unintentionally. one nightstand
  • I ran over a cat
  • I am afraid to tell people what I think. How do I express my feelings and emotions?
  • I'm afraid to leave the house. The problem worsened during the covid-19 quarantine
  • I lack the courage to ask for a raise
  • I want to climb the highest mountain in the world, but I'm afraid to tell my partner about it
  • There are often misunderstandings with other people because of my shyness in expressing myself.
  • How do I make friends? Where do I learn the language?
  • Who has experience with work permits?
  • Who has experience with deportation?
  • I have lost my faith. How to get back to God?
  • I believe with all my heart and yet something bad has happened to me. How do I deal with a crisis of faith?
  • Anyone have experience with Faith Converting?
  • My immediate family are constantly asking me for help, regardless of my free time. How do I say 'no'?
  • I lost a family member, how to cope with the loss?
  • My family does not accept my partner. How do I deal with this?
  • My sister is mean to me
free time
  • How do you learn to relax and not think about work?
  • I don't want to spend money on relaxation. How to change that?
  • How do you plan a trip so you don't regret it?
  • It is always me who initiates a conversation
  • How to find new friends?
  • My friends want to go out to fancy places. I can't afford it
  • My friends meet without me and don't tell me about it
  • My girlfriend betrayed me.
  • My boyfriend is sleeping with my best friend!
guilt & atonement
  • I have a guilty conscience when I do something just for myself
  • I accidentally scratched my neighbor’s car and he hasn't forgiven me. I can't cope with the guilt.
  • I destroyed a friend's belongings and didn't acknowledge it. I don't know what to do now
  • I cheated on my husband
  • I abused my daughter when she was little
  • I had an abortion
  • I don't know how to be happy because I'm afraid someone will take it away from me
  • Subconsciously I forbid myself to be happy. What to do?
  • How to find happiness after loss?
  • How do you manage to be free and happy?
health & diet
  • Doctor cannot find anything
  • Wrong diagnosis
  • I gain weight so terribly
  • I have pain
  • I don't feel understood by my doctor
  • I can't handle psychotherapy
  • Nothing interests me
  • I find all my friends' activities boring
  • As soon as I have knowledge of how something works, I immediately lose interest in it
  • I have no time for my hobby
  • Illness has taken my money and friends away from me
  • I have lost my former cheerfulness through illness
  • People avoid me because I am ill
  • How to stop complaining?
  • I am unemployed
  • Need new job and afraid to apply for it
  • A real further education. Who has experience, who can I talk to?
  • I earn far too little money
  • Men earn more, although I work more
love and sexuality
  • I am pregnant
  • I am afraid of intimacy with another person
  • I am not sure of my orientation
  • I don't feel anything during sex
  • I am incapable of sleeping with a woman
  • I made friends with my neighbours. Now they constantly want to spend weekends together
  • Neighbours are constantly disturbing the quiet of the night, I don't want to call the police
  • I witnessed a neighbourhood dispute. What to do?
  • My neighbor makes lewd comments
  • My parents are interfering in my marriage
  • Mum treats my wife badly
  • Dad abandoned us
  • Parents favour siblings
  • I have no parents, no family, looking for like-minded people
  • I am rejected by parents
  • My dog barks when I am not around
  • I want a cat - Who has experience?
  • My pet has died
  • How to convince people to care more about the planet?
  • I feel bitter about the fact that while I take care of the planet, the rich fly around in private planes
  • I feel sorry for the animals that suffer through polluted waters. Sometimes it keeps me awake at night.
  • What more can I do for the environment on my own?
  • How can I protect myself from fanatical environmentalists?
  • I am unhappy in my profession, but I don't know how to re-brand myself
  • I don't know why I don't like my job
  • I feel bored with my job
  • I want to change jobs but cannot afford to be unemployed
  • A real further education - who has experience, who can I talk to?
  • I fell in love
  • I was abandoned
  • My first love
  • My girlfriend betrayed me
  • How do I make friends?
  • My teacher is out to get me
  • I don't know how to learn. How to learn effectively?
  • People at school tease me about everything
  • I am afraid of physical education classes
  • I'm afraid of studying
  • I'm afraid of exams
  • I can't finish my thesis.
  • Nobody supports me, strengthens or encourages me, do you want to support me?
social media
  • Hate in the media
  • Attachment
  • Too long on Instagram
  • I have fallen in love
son & daughter
  • My daughter is crazy!
  • My mom does not love me
  • My dad does not love me
  • Independence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Incredibly expensive prices on Amazon or facebook - who has experience?
  • Find a partner - how do I find a business partner? who has experience
  • Who has experience with finding investors?
  • I am an outsider
  • I do not keep up with the material
  • Feel excluded
  • Have exam anxiety
  • I'm afraid of studying
  • I'm afraid of exams
  • I can't finish my thesis.
  • Nobody supports me, strengthens or encourages me, do you want to support me?
  • I was hurt, now I'm afraid to trust
  • I got beaten up and nowI'm afraid to go out with friends
  • I was the victim of a traffic accident, I cannot cope with the things I saw
  • I am a adult child of adults which makes me afraid to have children
  • I have occasional flashbacks
  • I can't remember my childhood
  • I carry pain and hate inside me. Who knows the feeling
  • The travel agency cheated me
  • I don't know how to plan a nice holiday
  • I would like to go on holiday abroad, but I don't speak English
  • My husband beats me
  • My wife humiliates me
  • My partner gives me pocket money
  • How to end a violent relationship?
  • My wife beats me
work colleagues, superiors
  • Boss refuses to give me a raise while adding to my responsibilities
  • Work colleagues gossip about me
  • A colleague picks up my food. I don't know how to tell him that I don't like it
  • Mobbing
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