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The first steps from
  1. Getting Started with Chat H2H:
    1. If you've already registered, you can initiate the setup of your ads. Utilize the Help Center to guide you in placing your ads effectively within specific categories. If you encounter queries beyond the scope of the Help Center articles, our support team is readily available for assistance.
    2. For a comprehensive H2H experience, active participation in both roles is recommended:
    3. H2HCoach:
      1. Engage as a H2HCoach to contribute your expertise and support to others within the H2H community.
      2. Share your knowledge and insights to help users navigate challenges and enhance their well-being.
    4. H2H Customer:
      1. Actively participate as a customer, seeking assistance and guidance from H2HCoaches.
      2. Benefit from the diverse expertise within the community to address your concerns and improve various aspects of your life.
    5. By actively participating in both capacities, you'll maximize the benefits of the H2H platform, fostering a collaborative environment for personal growth and support.
  2. Step 1: Accessing Your Initial 100 H2H Tokens
    1. Upon registration, you will automatically receive 100 H2H tokens for seeking advice. You have the option to either allow us to manage these tokens for you or set up a CryptoWallet to receive them.
    2. A CryptoWallet serves as a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. If you're unfamiliar with CryptoWallets, it's advisable to seek detailed advice independently, as we do not provide cryptocurrency guidance.
    3. Navigate to the 'my tokens' section to track your transactions, including inflows and outflows. Please be aware that ChatH2H retains 20% of all transactions, covering blockchain costs associated with wallet movements.
    4. In the event that you exhaust your initial 100 H2HTokens without receiving any, you can purchase additional tokens. However, observe the following guidelines:
      1. Until a time determined by us, you may NOT sell the H2HTokens received, earned, and purchased from us.
      2. You may not exchange the H2HToken with other users.
      3. You can return the first 100 tokens you received from us should you wish to leave and delete the ChatH2H account with us.
      4. If you want to delete your account and still have remaining tokens that you purchased from us, please contact us.
  3. Step 2: Posting an Ad for Assistance
    • When you're ready to seek help or advice within the ChatH2H community, follow these steps to create and post your ad in a specific category:
      1. Navigate to categories
      2. Choose Relevant CategoryHover your cursor over the categories that align with your needs or experiences. Look for areas where individuals with similar experiences or those willing to help might be found.
      3. Select your Role:In each category, you have the flexibility to choose your role based on your current needs. Decide whether you want to act as a client seeking assistance or as a H2HCoach offering guidance.
      4. Click 'I need help'
      5. Create your ad
  4. Step 3: Offering Help in a Specific Category
    • To share your experiences and offer assistance within the ChatH2H community, follow these steps:
      1. Navigate to categories
      2. Choose Relevant CategoryHover your cursor over the categories that align with your experiences or expertise. Choose an area where you can connect with individuals seeking help or advice.
      3. Select your Role:In each category, you have the flexibility to choose your role based on your current needs. Decide whether you want to act as a client seeking assistance or as a H2HCoach offering guidance.
      4. Click "I offer help"
      5. Create your offer
  5. Step 4: Earn or Spend Tokens on ChatH2H
    1. To engage with tokens on ChatH2H, whether earning or spending, follow these steps:
      • Earning H2HTokens:
        By assisting others and inviting them to chat, you can earn H2HTokens. To find opportunities to help:
        1. Navigate to the "Needs" section where users have posted ads seeking assistance.
        2. Click on a specific need.
        3. Click "Start Chat" to initiate a conversation and offer your assistance.
        Spending H2HTokens:
        Use your tokens to get help. You received 100 tokens from us to pay H2HCoaches. To spend tokens for assistance:
        1. Explore the "Offers" section where users have created ads offering help.
        2. Click on a relevant offer.
        3. Click "Start Chat" to begin a conversation and seek the assistance you need.
  6. Step 5: Sending Messages on ChatH2H
    1. You have 3 free messages to arrange a chat meeting. Additionally, you'll receive email notifications for these messages. With one click you will be redirected to the portal where you can reply directly and promptly.
    2. Usage Limitations:
      Utilize messages exclusively for the following purposes:
        1. Inviting yourself or another user to chat.
        2. Making appointments for chat meetings.
  7. Step 6: Initiating and Managing Chats on ChatH2H
    1. To start and manage chats effectively on ChatH2H, follow these options:
    2. Chat Partner is Online (Green Light):
      Click "Start Chat" if your selected chat partner is online.
      1. If they respond within 5 minutes, the conversation begins immediately. Both you and your partner will receive a notification in the portal and via email.
      2. If there's no immediate response, they can reply later, and you'll receive the answer in the portal and by email.
      3. Make appointments for future chats if needed.
    3. Chat Partner is Offline (Gray Light):
      If your selected partner is not available, follow these steps:
      1. You and your partner each have three messages to make an appointment for the chat in the chosen thread. You can initiate several threads for multiple appointments.
      2. Each message sent is emailed to both you and your chat partner.
      3. After the third message, the H2H inbox is locked until you and your partner have a joint chat or after seven days.
      4. Either you or your partner can open a chat window at any time by pressing the "Start Chat" button in the mailbox window (if both are online).
      5. Once the chat has occurred or after seven days, the mailbox unlocks.
      6. Arrange future calls within the unlocked mailbox window.
  8. Step 7: H2H Token Accounting
    1. Managing H2H tokens involves the following steps:
      1. Token Payment in Advance:
        Initiate a chat by paying H2HTokens in advance. The assumption is that a chat will last 25 minutes, and the cost is 1 token per minute of chatting.
      2. Token Usage during Chat:
        H2HTokens are deducted during the ongoing chat based on the duration.
      3. Refund for Unused Tokens:
        After the chat concludes, any remaining tokens are refunded to your account or personal wallet.
      4. Internal Billing Process:
        Billing is conducted internally, accumulating charges until the final amount is determined.
      5. Actual Token Debit or Credit:
        The actual token amount is debited or credited to your account or personal wallet only after the chat is successfully completed.